Body Type: The Apple

If your trouble area is your body’s mid-section and the idea of wearing a bathing suit does not excite you, chances are you might have been buying the wrong swimsuit all this time.Apple - tankini

Women with an apple body shape tend to have thin arms, legs and a fuller torso. They gain weight fast around their waistline and have a flat bottom.

If this is your body type, look for tops that can provide coverage for your tummy like a tankini or peplums. Opt for bottoms that are high-waisted and can give you a better definition on your mid section.

A plunging neckline could work wonders for apple shape bodies. This will help draw attention to your face instead of your waistline.

Also, stays away from tops with busy patterns and big belts.

Enjoy this summer 2016 in the best swimsuit for your apple body shape because you are gorgeous.

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Article written by Tatiana Leal

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