Is your Purse your silent enemy?

Having your purse as your silent enemy. 

As much as we love our handbags we should accept most of us have acquired bad habits that are slowly affecting our health without even knowing.

According to a study the average purse weighs about 6.27 pounds.

That is like carrying a Black & Decker blender on your shoulder all day long. The question remains what do we have in our purses that weighs so much and how does this affects us?

We have all seen the “what’s in purse” videos and articles and this is not one of them but they show you the amount of unnecessary items women carry around without a reason.

For example, food, notebooks they haven’t written on for weeks, a bag full of make-up, wallets, books they won’t read, electronics they no longer use, trash, receipts, bottles, accessories, extra set of keys and purses within purses to mention a few.

Women keep on carrying these items like if they were absolutely necessary throughout their daily activities and truth is they are not.

In reality, the more things you add into your purse, the more is going to weight and your body is going to suffer, especially your spine.

Think about it…

If you add 6 to 8 eights pounds of weight on your right shoulder, when you walk you should be literally tilted to your right side but that doesn’t happen.

Your spine tries to compensate the added weight and bends in order for you to walk straight. This is the cause to many back and neck pains and the result of bad  posture and body movement.

What to do?

  • Sort and remove items you haven’t used at least once per week
  • Check the weather report prior packing your accessories
  • Keep a bag inside your purse for papers to sort daily. It takes less than a minute
  • Keep only the keys you use on a daily basis and remove heavy key chains
  • Avoid buying purses with heavy metals and accessories
  • Check your purse before adding food or beverages to avoid double bagging
  • Opt for purses with thicker handles
  • Switch carrying shoulder throughout the day
  • If your load is still heavy try a small rolling briefcase
  • Heavy Purse + High Heels = Spine Disaster

If you are suffering from back and neck pain consult your physician and if are allowed take a trip to the spa and treat yourself with a relaxing massage. Your muscles will thank you later.

Extra Tip:
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