Have you ever wished upon a fallen eyelash? Well, some of us have. That’s actually how I got the guy that I like to be my boyfriend but that’s another story.

Eyelashes are more useful than helping your wishes come true but the majority of us do not even give them the thought and care they deserve. Keep reading for tips on eyelash care right here on TEALPRINT.


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Before I start writing about the care I would like to define what are eyelashes and what are they good for? We all have eyelashes and they are any one of the hairs that grow along the top and bottom of your eyelids usually taking a curved shape.

Think about them as shields for your eyes and their purpose is to protect them from dust particles and debris. But why are we obsessed with them? They also make us look as pretty as an Asian anime doll.


Now that we know eyelashes are our warriors of protection we can give them a little more thought. For example, did you know the life span of an eyelash ranges from four to eight weeks?

This means you need to be careful removing your mascara at night because in a worst case scenario you might end up without lashes for a month.

Non-waterproof mascara is better for everyday wear. It is easier to remove with gentle make up remover and you do not need to rub harshly on them to take off the mascara.

Only wear waterproof mascara for special occasions that you know you will cry or get wet, like when you go to a wedding or swimming with dolphins.

Some people like to wear fake eyelashes on special occasions but it has become an everyday trend. The question is how does this affect your eyelashes?

There are multiple quality types of glues in the market but too much of any of them can damage your natural eyelashes. Give your lashes a break of a few days in between wears or they will deteriorate faster becoming weak and thin.

If you have thin eyelashes and you would like a rich fuller look without the hassle of putting on fake ones your best tool is applying mascara like a pro. You could use one kind of mascara for definition and another one for volume applying the right technique. Follow our expert tip.


“I call it, ‘Uptown, downtown, and crosstown,’” says celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff, whose clients include Alicia Keys and Jordin Sparks in an interview for “Two to three coats of mascara are perfect.”

“First, sweep up from the base to the end of the lash — that’s uptown. Next, go from the tip of the lash to the base — downtown. Then bring the mascara brush across the lashes — that’s crosstown.” says Sheriff.

One coat of mascara will do the trick to fuse your natural and fake lashes.  After all of these mascara application even your eyelashes get exhausted.

Using “rimmel” another word for mascara in other countries, thanks to the father of modern mascara Eugene Rimmel, will make your eyelashes more prone to break. Treat them with an eyelash conditioner every night.

Other products for eyelashes might be helpful like the ones that contain serum to help promote growth and strength. Do not add liquids, oils or other products to your mascara and remember to throw away liquid eye products after 3 months of opening to avoid eye irritation and bacteria.

With all these tips and tricks you can now go and conquer the world with your pretty- pretty eyelashes!

Much Love,